Star Wars Candy Bear Bouquet


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This Star Wars Candy Bear Gift Bouquet is the sweetest gift in the galaxy!  It features your choice from 5 different lovable Star Wars characters, all high quality authentic Disney Star Wars Plush by Comic Images:

  • Adorable Yoda 7 inch Plush, the most wise jedi master in the galaxy
  • Wooly Chewbacca 7 inch Plush, everyone's favorite Wookie from the planet Kashyyk
  • Chilling Darth Vader 7 inch Plush, everyone's favorite dark lord of the sith
  • Stormtrooper 7 inch Plush, the scariest soldier in the empire
  • Bone chilling Kylo Ren 7 inch Plush, everyone's favorite villain of the first order

Plus a 32 oz. Ball Glass Mason Jar with a daisy cut lid and reusable plastic straw - filled with 20-25 pieces of assorted popular chocolates and kids candies including authentic Star Wars Gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans, galactic Pop Rocks and more, plus a decadent "Hammond's" whimsical award winning Gourmet Chocolate Bar.  Also your choice of a Classic Star Wars Sticker OR The Force Awakens Sticker, and topped with a yummy Star Shaped Swirl Lollipop.  Embellished with a Handmade Bow with lots of Ribbons.

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The force is strong with this Star Wars Candy Bear Bouquet!