Star Trek Candy Bear Bouquet Captain Kirk


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This Star Trek Candy Bear Gift Bouquet is the "final frontier" to softness and sweets!  It features our 13.5 inch super huggable Captain Kirk Plush Lion from GUND.  "Kirk" is an original heirloom collectible crafted with premium materials and high quality huggable plush construction, signature to the GUND award winning collection.  He wears his Captain Kirk costume with a U.S.S. Enterprise emblem stitched-on patch and glittery gold wavy striped sleeves.  Plus our lovely 12 oz. Porcelain Mug decorated with Metallic Gold Stars all around - filled with 20-25 pieces of assorted popular chocolates/kids candies including galactic favorites like Pop Rocks, Milky Ways, Atomic Fire Balls and more, plus a decadent "Hammond's" whimsical award winning Gourmet Chocolate Bar.  Topped with a yummy Star Shaped Swirl Lollipop, and embellished with a Handmade Bow with lots of curly Ribbons.

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Beam me up Scotty, this is the sweetest gift in the galaxy!