Hammond's Grasshopper Pie Dark Chocolate Bar - ADD TO CANDY BEAR BOUQUET

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* This item can only be purchased as an "Add-On" to one of our Candy Bear Bouquets.

Add this 2.25 oz. Hammond's Grasshopper Pie Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bar to any Candy Bear Bouquet!  A take on the classic mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate cake dessert, this decadent chocolate bar has a rich Dark Chocolate Shell filled with a creamy Green Mint Center.  No grasshoppers were harmed during the making of this chocolate bar!  With their award winning gourmet chocolate bars, the Hammond's Candy Company has focused on quality candies since 1920.  Approximately 5 3/4 inches long x 1 3/4 inches wide by 0.375 inches thick.