Candy Bear Bouquet Blossom Gardenbeary


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The sweets are in bloom with this Blossom Gardenbeary Candy Bear Gift Bouquet!  It features our Collectible 8 inch Blossom Gardenbeary Heirloom Boyds Bear, from the Boyds "Fashion Family" Collection, and the exclusive "Friends of Boyds" 2011 Collector's Club.  The award winning Boyds Bears made people smile for over 30 years, hand crafted with the highest custom-blended fabrics with disc jointing and hand stitched whimsical details.  Since Boyds Bears were officially retired in 2014, they are highly valued collectibles.  This adorable bear wears a whimsical scarf of ruffles and flower petals, stitched with green yarn accents and finished with a ribbon bow, plus a double ribbon bow with a pink center stitched button just above her fuzzy right ear.  Plus your choice of our 4 inch high orange Clay Pot (perfect for planting bears) OR our lovely 16 oz. Fall Painted Glass Mason Jar - filled with 20-25 pieces of assorted popular chocolates/candy, and finished with a satiny "Hammond's" Hand-Pulled authentic Lollipop, and a decadent "Hammond's" award winning Gourmet Chocolate Bar.  Embellished with our lovely Orange Silk Daisy, and a Handmade Bow with lots of curly ribbons.

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The sun is always shining with this Blossom Gardenbeary Candy Bear Bouquet!