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Baby Boy Candy Bear Bouquet Polky Bear w/ Ceramic Baby Train


This Polky Baby Boy Candy Bear Gift Bouquet says It's a Boy in the cuddliest way!  It features our powder blue Limited Edition Collectible 10 inch Polky Bearington Bear.  Polky RETIRED in 2016, so he is a highly limited collectible, appreciating in value.  Polky is baby soft, and finely crafted with high quality fur, stitching and details illustrative of the award winning Bearington Bear Baby Collection.  And he wears a silky "polky"-dot ribbon bow that just suits his name.  Plus our lovely 4 3/4 inch high x 5 3/4 inch wide Hand Painted Raised Ceramic Baby Train, highly detailed with a cute bear in the window, hearts all around, the word "Baby" on the front, and "Twinkle Little Star" on the back - filled with 3 FULL SIZE Popular Candy Bars plus a Blue Bubblegum "It's a Boy" Cigar, and topped with a satiny "Hammond's" Hand-Pulled authentic Lollipop.  Embellished with our delicate Blue and Yellow Cellophanes, decorative Baby Blue Mesh, and a Handmade Bow with lots of Curly Ribbons.

Need specific candy or ribbon colors? Optionally list your choices under "Click to request specific Candy/Colors" above. Visit our Candy Choices page to view all candies we carry. Otherwise we will include the ribbon colors shown, and actual candy assortment may vary/lollipop flavor may vary.

What's as sweet as a new baby?  This wonderful Baby Candy Bear Bouquet!